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: for the secure destruction of 1 kg to 10 kg of electronic media devices
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(10 kg max. & 5 kg min. charge)
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Your quote will be emailed to the address you enter above & to SMD. It will also be displayed, with the option to proceed with the order.

Secure Media Destruction can be relied upon for your complete media destruction and recycling needs.

We take care of all your media disposal requirements, recycling all waste material once the destruction is complete.

Why Shred Media?

Secure Media Destruction will ensure your business complies with Federal privacy laws which regulate data destruction. The fact is you are legally responsible for the proper disposal of personally sensitive and/or confidential data. To be sure that all data is properly disposed of, physical destruction of the media is your only guaranteed option.

Don't take chances with your media disposal, especially when it contains personal and/or confidential information about your business, customers or employees. Destruction is the only way to safeguard this information.

If your media is simply thrown away, undesirable elements can leach into the environment. By shredding and recycling your media, you enhance your environmental image and decrease your carbon footprint.

As we service metropolitan Melbourne on a daily basis, we will do our utmost to meet your needs, with service usually within 24 hours.

Media Destruction

  • SCEC approved destruction of all media devices
  • national secure pickup & shipping service

How It Works

Login: To order the destruction of your media, you must first register your details. Once registered, you will receive your password enabling you to login to your account and submit your order. Use Quick Quote for small orders.

Order: Enter your postcode, the weight of the media you want destroyed and the fees will be calculated. You have the option to record serial numbers of all media destroyed and/or receive a video recording of the process.

Send Media: You will receive all material required to have the media securely freighted to SMD. After destruction, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction verifying that your media is now destroyed. Read More


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Optical Media


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Receive your free mini bin desk tidy when you make a booking for any of our services.

Contact SMD to make a booking or for any further details.

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